Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ape ade pd blog...

knpe org tls blog?
perlu ke blog ni??
knpe org ske bc blog??
ape yg mnrik pd blog??
sp yg mule2 tlis blog??
ade ke org nk bace klu sy tlis blog???

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sejarah.. long not to post anythng in this blog..
i am buzy with my study..this is my final sem..just imagine how nervous I am..
im struggling to finish my design comprehensive or some univrsity call it as design thesis..
next week I I have crit no.2..i need to provide final scheme for my design..
im doing a project at Kuching Sarawak…the site have very important value to the Kuching city..
where all the activity trading in the old day have started since Rajah Brooke Era..
Unfortunately, due to lacking of heritage conservation concern among the government..
they demolished all the historic building that include 120 yr old building which is the 1st museum of Sarawak …this is should not be happen..we have to preserve our heritage so that young people will appreciate their life that they had now.. historic element somehow become an identity of particular space..which make the place different from other places…the activity show the uniqueness of the places…it wouldn’t be suprise if one day you will find two different city or place have the same looks…
hmmm..Who’s fault?...fikirkanlah...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


this yr PAM will sponsor 1 student from each yr to attend the KL-DATUM 2009 on 3&4 july at KLCC. I'm very gratefull to be selected as a chosen student from 5th yr to attend the event. Thanks to Mr. John for proposing my first i was surprise i get the offer from all the 5th yr.. then mr john tell me that he choose based on my good work last sem..waaa..i cant beleive it..i thaught all this time i'm the worst studnt.. alwys 'tangguh' my work..keep doing last minute work..that means i have to work better next scary..

so, back to KL DATUM there will be 8 architect from all over the world to give a talk on “basic design; the new intelligence”. the great 8 are; winy maas of mrdv, han tumertekin, junya ishigami, roman delugan, meejin yoon & eric howeler, stephen pimbley, zhang ke, hud abu bakar and david adjaye.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

baby sitter..

my part time job for this week looking after my nephew..Haris daniel..
he is 1yrs and 4months..very active and quite mnje boy..
my brothr and his wife heading to kluang johor for their business matter ths weekend..
so i hve to take care their son while they gone...
i also need to prepare for design crit this tuesday..
i need to organized my time watch the kid and do my job..
luckily mama (my brother mak mertue) here so i can gilir2 with her..

this picture taking during our picnic at sg Ingki last year..haris enjoyng "air sungai" for the 1st time..he is just 8months, if im not mistaken..

right now i have to focus on my design briefing and concept..
really hope to get better comment so i can continue with new and fresh idea next sem..

Monday, May 25, 2009

trip to jb..

tomorow im going to jb for project submission with my colleague Fatehah..
it has been 3weeks since i went to osc at JOTIC for the planng submission..
Fatehah is the person who incharge the is a housing project for the goverment quarters..actually it is a honeycomb housing which is my bos specialize..
the client is mudra tropika sdn. bhd. and the site at nongchik,johor bharu..
anyone interested to know the detail of this project can visit the link below:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

new born.. this is my first time writing in this blog..
as an introduction i would like to introduce myself..
i am architecture student at upm in my final sem 2009..
i will grad for my 2nd degree bac of architecture next yr..hopefully
luckily our part 2 has been recognize by PAM..gud news for us..
congratz to all my senior n classmate who workng so hard to get this accrditation..
also to lecturers n panels for their support and guidance..
life in this field is very tough but yet very intersting for those who can survive..
sometime people do call us 'kelawar' coz we work at nite..
we work and sleep at studio all the is my 2nd home..
so, that's it as startng for this blog..

this is picture of my classmate and lecturer during our visit to one of architct firm in Kuching..the 'mat saleh' one is my lecturer Mr John Ashraf Lucas..